Golden Tickets

Every Louth Pie Day ticket bought, at any time, from any one of the outlets on the Louth Pie Trail, in addition to 5 x Pie Slice Vouchers, may also be, a Golden Ticket. There is 1 x Golden Ticket to be won at each Participating Business

David winning a Golden Ticket at The Green Cottage, with owner Marie Blood

Register your Golden Ticket for the Prize Draw

Tell us where you purchased your Golden Ticket. Select from the drop down list of remaining outlets that, as far as we know, have not sold their Golden Tickets yet!

Upload your selfie (must show your Golden Ticket inside the outlet (participating business where you bought it)

Once you've taken the picture, you can exchange the Golden Ticket map for one free ticket (works out 2-for-1)

All about Golden Tickets!

How will I know if I hold a Golden Ticket?
When you open up your regular Louth Pie Day ticket and count your 5 vouchers, you……well, you’ll know it!

What am I supposed to do when I have found a Golden Ticket?
Celebrate! Take a great photo to prove where you bought it. Register your Golden Ticket (see below).

What does a Golden Ticket get me?
As a Golden Ticket holder, you get:

  1. One free ticket. Exchange your Golden Ticket (keeping your pie slice vouchers) at the outlet where you bought it. You get this immediately, if you wish – registration not needed.
  2. As one of the 32 lucky holders of a Golden Ticket, you are automatically entered into an extra, super special Pie-related prize, to be announced. Just let us tell us how to get in contact with you and upload your picture of your Golden Ticket before you hand it over for your free ticket.