Every competition, even friendly ones, need rules and the Lincolnshire Pie Championship is no exception, though we’ve tried to keep them simple and fair.

The Pies

  1. Each Pie must strictly be, EITHER:
  • a filling completely enclosed* in pastry and baked not fried….* a (majority) pastry lattice top is fine,
  • a dish popularly known as a pie, e.g. “Cottage Pie”, “Lemon Meringue Pie

2.  All pie fillings must be made from scratch.

3.  Each Pie
a) doesn’t have to be an original recipe.
b) must be freshly baked.
c) must be delivered ready to display. You are not permitted to add ingredients (such as powdered sugar) to your pies in the church.
d) must be entered in the name of the person who made it.


4.  Contestants may enter no more than one pie in each Class.

5. Contestants may enter as many Classes as they wish to.

On the Day

6. On the day, Wednesday 15th April 2020, bring your pie(s) to St James’ Church between 08:45-11:45. The deadline is 11:45.

7.  Single pies must be complete and brought in their own dish ready for display. Batches of smaller pies must be complete and on a plate, or small tray.

8.  Every pie or batch of pies must be accompanied by a folded piece of paper (or envelope) with a suitable description of your pie, and the Class you are entering on the outside and your name and contact details on the inside.  

9. Unfortunately we cannot provide plates or items to help you display your pies.

10. All pies on show in the championship may be photographed and some of those photos may be used in promoting the Lincolnshire Pie Championship.

Sticking to the Rules

11.  By participating in this event, entrants agree to abide by the contest rules and decisions of the judges.